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*singing* Do you see what I see?

Do you see Cloud Godzilla? Because if you see Cloud Godzilla, the answer is yes.



*singing* Do you see what I see?

Do you see Cloud Godzilla? Because if you see Cloud Godzilla, the answer is yes.


"Hey Scully, wanna break into the dean’s office?"
(college au is still a thing right??)
Edit: Print available here!

College AU X-Files!!! WHAT!! yes please


"Hey Scully, wanna break into the dean’s office?"

(college au is still a thing right??)

Edit: Print available here!

College AU X-Files!!! WHAT!! yes please



i think my favorite part is how he checks the port-a-potty multiple times as if it contains the answers

dude its not the TARDIS

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Anonymous asked
I don't have any grudge against you for what you ship or anything but it is a little creepy that you're a 30 something year old who has been married and is probably double the age of most people you're interacting with here. That'd be like a 20 year old going onto Club Penguin or some shit and giving out to the kids on there and telling them what to do. Um.













Ohhhh I see, you’re one of the people who think Tumblr is a special teenagers’ club, as opposed to a blogging platform frequented by people of all ages.

Most of the people I’m friendliest with here are in their twenties or thirties. Some in their forties and beyond. Fandom isn’t just for teens, though it is absolutely for them too. I do have some friends that are teenagers. One of the things that’s great about coming here is despite things like age and the fact we live in different countries, we still enjoy things together.


As if you stop your interests after you grow up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna sharpen my swords.

There’s an age limit? SHIT! No one told me.

Dont you guys know?  Teens here think that as soon as you hit 20 yrs old you turn into a soulless pumpkin incapable of feelings or imagination!  

Fangirling before you were a twinkle in your parent’s eyes…LOL

I honestly don’t know how to process this.

People really think fandom is just for teenagers? 

Hilariously, when I got into fandom, 19 and bright-eyed, fandom was still seen as something for housewives, so I was always the youngest and so unsure of what i had to offer the community. The only time I’ve ever been the right age for a fandom is 2005. The plummeting age fangirls met up with my actual age for about 8 months in ‘05.

One of my long-term fandom friends is basically my parents’ age and has kids my age. Which is fine with me, because I was socialized to be friends with my parents friends my whole life anyway. But for real, basically EVERYBODY was older than me when I got into Buffy fandom as a wee little college freshman. The few of us on the Bronze who were teenagers were the babies and we KNEW IT. 

I’ve been in fandom for almost 20 years… why on earth would I ever give up a hobby I love just because people younger than me love it too?

What makes me so sad about this POV is that when I got into fandom in my late teens I LOVED knowing all these older women who turned me onto new things and new ideas and were mentors and friends through my young adulthood.

Also they were way better writers than me, and guess what? I’m a way better writer now too. If you’re into fanfic chances are most of the best stuff is being written by writers who are older than the majority of fandom, because like anything it’s a skill that improves over time.

I never really thought about how the average age of fandom used to be a lot higher, so interesting! Like it was definitely practice for myself and a bunch of people I know when they first started getting into ~THE INTERNET~ to lie about how old they were, lol. I wonder if that’s because in YE OLDE FANDOM DAYS not everyone had access to the internet, and especially not younger people so it made sense to be mostly people in the 20s and older? but definitely, especially with the demise of LJ I have noticed a downward trend in the average age of people in fandom, which I think speaks to internet practices as well. SUPER INTERESTING TO THINK ABOUT

And also, I’ve had a ton of really good fandom friends just completely drop off the face of the internet, and I’m sure that’s the case for everyone who’s been around the internet block a time or two, and I can think of at least three off the top of my head who were basically like WELP I’M TOO OLD FOR FANDOM NOW, SEE YOU SUCKERS LATER, so it’s not to say that people don’t ever do that or feel that way, but I think it’s a shame. Like whatever, if your tastes and interests move on, then fine! Run free and enjoy (…pintrest? that’s what non fandom people are into, right???) whatever it is that sparks your passion, but also don’t just give it up because you think you’ve reached some arbitrary age limit where you can’t fangirl about things that make you happy.

All of this. Just all of it. At 25, I’m apparently too old to like Fall Out Boy as much as I do, even though their third album came out when I was still in high school. And that’s just the fandom who thinks of me as a grandma. Babies, you’re cute, but you’re not cute enough for this crap. Personal side note - One of the best people I’ve met through any fandom ever,
, has a daughter a few years younger than me. She’s also awesome. Attention to age differences between friends and possible future friends is just crap.

So I’m allowed then? Thank heavens for that!

*puts down Dummies Guide to Hip Replacements and Associated Tedium…and goes back to writing Doctor Who fanfic, making up anagrams of Benedict Cumberbatch’s name, reading all the books and generally attempting to not judge anyone no matter how young or old they might be.

32 years old and proud to be a Fangirl. You know who else is a Fangirl? All those middle aged ladies who read Soap Opera Digest and the ones who get all dressed up to attend sporting events. But I guess our kind of fandom isn’t worthy of respect and I should just stop talking about the things I like